Over to you, Climate Camp!

In 2020 Climate Action Scotland agreed to merge with Climate Camp Scotland by taking the following actions:

> Climate Camp Scotland official adopts CAS’s media channels (with a view to shutting them down and taking them over) and bank account.

> Climate Camp Scotland takes up the right to either change the bank account name or legally ‘trade’ under the name CAS if needed for bank account or funding purposes.

> Climate Camp to add a short history of CAS on the Climate Camp Scotland website.

We will keep this website up as it’s got some useful resources on it, but to stay up to date, visit www.climatecampscotland.com.

Official Camp statement about Coronavirus and Climate Camp

Statement by Climate Camp Scotland

Dear friends,

Following a two-week period of consultation and reflection Climate Scotland Scotland has agreed by consensus that our camp planned for July will not take place, and to instead organise a camp in 2021.

At the forefront of this decision are the very real barriers raised by the ongoing global pandemic. However, we also believe this decision is necessary to enable people in our movement to carry out caring responsibilities and mutual aid organising, work which we believe the climate movement must promote and embrace.

We are resolved to continue to work with communities blighted by the Mossmorran gas plants, and strive for a just transition for communities and workers in Scotland and around the world.

Street by street, city by city, country by country, solidarity and mutual aid will defend our communities from Coronavirus. Ultimately we believe they can defeat the climate crisis too.

In August we will hold a Big Group meeting to begin planning our 2021 camp, by which time we expect to see our context more clearly, including the timing of the Glasgow UN climate talks.

Climate Camp Scotland is more than just an event. We are a group of people with shared values and will continue working for climate justice together.

If you feel able to join us at this time we are pursuing group development, legal work, educational resources, run teach-ins, take action online, socialise and support one another. We’re holding an informal online meet 25-26 April and we’d love you to join us.

Find out more on the Climate Camp Scotland website and by joining the Facebook event.

In solidarity,

Climate Camp Scotland

Climate Camp Scotland is taking shape!

Smiling activists wave at the camera in a grassy field.
Reclaim the Power camp near London, 2019.

Climate Camp Scotland is taking shape!

9-14 July has been set as the provisional date for Climate Camp Scotland.

The camp’s next two Big Group meetings are also confirmed for:

>> 14-15 March, in Edinburgh, including meetings on Saturday and a family-friendly action on Sunday. To help us with numbers please sign up here.

>> 25-26 April, in Fife, meeting with local groups and whole-group planning.

Big group meetings are the best way to get an introduction to the camp and find out how to help out, so do get along if you can.

Climate Camp Scotland have been in the news repeatedly in recent weeks, including after Police Scotland listed the camp as one of three priorities for the year alongside COP26 and the golf!

Action has been given urgency following a town hall meeting organised by the Mossmorran Action Group that followed widespread outrage from workers and national figures about flaring from the plants, branded as apocalyptic.

Shell and Exxon’s pollution at the site is also putting the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) under pressure.

You can stay up to date with the Camp build-up by following Climate Camp Scotland on Twitter. To get involved or join a working, get onto Slack or send an email to scottishclimatecamp@protonmail.com.

Climate Camp Scotland: Big Meeting on 26 Jan

In 2020 we’re going to run a climate camp to fight for justice and shut down the Scottish fossil fuel industry.

On Sunday 26th Jan we’ll decide where to start.

How about INEOS, owned by the UK’s richest man Jim Ratcliffe, and planning to build a new oil refinery to keep Scotland addicted to petrol?

ExxonMobil and Shell are polluting the skies of Fife at their Mossmoran plant, making millions from single-use plastics.

Developer Peel Ports want to build a new fossil gas power station fuelled by fracked gas in Ayrshire.

And in Aberdeen big oil companies like BP stand in the way of a just transition and green jobs by promoting a new carbon colonialism.

On Sunday 26th Climate Camp Scotland will meet to decide which of these is our 2020 target – and we want your ideas and your voice.

Climate Camp Scotland decision day!
Sunday January 26th, 1 – 5.30pm
Renfield St Stephens Centre
260 Bath Street, G2 4JP Glasgow

The venue has step-free access.

All are welcome and you don’t need to register to come. We will be collecting donations to cover the venue hire which will be about £4 per person. We’d also love people to bring contributions for shared vegan snacks and cake if you are able – if you can please label any gluten content.

If you can’t attend in person there will be an opportunity to contribute remotely.

More details about this and the agenda and structure of the day will be added to this page shortly.

Any questions email scottishclimatecamp@protonmail.com.

See also the Facebook event for the meeting.

Climate Camp Scotland intro meetings this winter

Climate Action Scotland is proud to be supporting something pretty exciting for 2020: a climate camp to take direction action against Scotland’s fossil fuel polluters.

The camp will take place next summer and there’s lots of jobs to do to make it happen. We’d love to extend an invitation to you to take part.

Introductory meetings are taking place over the winter, to explain what a climate camp is, what we can achieve together, and begin planning activities in working groups, including outreach and logistics.

The next intro meeting will take place in Glasgow, 15 December. Venue and details will be posted on Facebook.

We want the camp to be a chance for folks across communities, networks, organisations and movements to share knowledge, get trained and take action against the biggest polluters.

Stay in touch by:

Lastly, do have a read of the Climate Camp Scotland Proposal in full, also available in an editable format.

Lovely Mainshill and Grangemouth zines for you

Activists in Scotland have done some incredible things over the last ten years, and we can learn a huge amount from their efforts.

These zines record some great knowledge from two very different struggles: living within the glow of Grangemouth refinery and chemical plant, and resisting new coal at Mainshill, South Lanarkshire.

You can download them here:

For a world without borders

This week Climate Action Scotland members and friends went to London for the Power Beyond Borders camp, learning and taking action for a world without borders.

Outside the Home Office. Photo: CAS.

The culmination of the camp was a day-long rally outside the UK Government Home Office, the department responsible for overseeing the Hostile Environment for migrants.

At the Home Office we heard from speakers from the All African Women’s Group, Women of Colour/Global Women’s Strike, Docs Not Cops, Social Workers Without Borders, Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants, Black Women’s Rape Action Project, Women Against Rape, Legal Action for Women and End Deportations.

The speakers announced the demands of the World Without Borders coalition:

  • An end to detention.
  • An independent investigation into claims of rape and other sexual abuse against women in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre.
  • Immediately stop all deportation charter flights.
  • End the hostile environment for asylum seekers, immigrants and refugees.
  • Scrap the 1971 Immigration Act, and measures in the 2014 legislation that turn landlords, health professionals and teachers into border guards.
  • Violence from guards during deportations must be immediately and thoroughly investigated and those found responsible prosecuted. Jimmy Mubenga and others killed by guards need justice, and will not be forgotten.
  • Restore legal aid including for family and private life human rights claims.
  • Restore full rights to family reunion with children whose family were forced to leave behind when they fled to the UK.
  • Restore the rights of Windrush citizens and their descendants: pay compensation and bring back to the UK those deported who want to return.
  • Recognition of rape as torture and therefore grounds for asylum.
  • An official investigation into what happens to people who are deported.
  • End fees for NHS medical treatment and care for all.
  • An end to the apartheid system of benefits, healthcare and housing for asylum seekers where people are forced to survive on 50% of poverty line benefits and suffer slum housing and forced dispersal.
  • The right to waged work for people seeking asylum.
  • An end to the deliberate policy of destitution for asylum seekers whose cases have been refused.
  • Discipline and/or sack immigration officials, lawyers and judges who are shown to be sexist, racist, hostile or discriminatory in other ways.
  • Support for the self-help activities of asylum seekers. No collaboration by voluntary organisations and charities in so-called voluntary returns (which are forced deportations by another name) and in providing privatised asylum services.

(You can read more about these demands in the Power Beyond Borders programme.)

Hallmark Coaches, Heathrow, was blockaded. Photo: RTP.

Earlier that day activists, including CAS members, shut down operations at Hallmark coaches, a company contracted by the Home Office to transport people to airports where they are forcibly removed prior to being deported.

Further actions against the Hostile Environment will be taking place in October.

At the camp we learned about migrant and climate justice including workshops on detention centres, the prison system, airport expansion, direct action skills, new gas infrastructure, anti-immigration raids, biomass and coal, cultural appropriation, fracking, and loads of other stuff.

We have plenty to do to follow-through on our learning, to make new connections, and find out how we can take it all forward in Scotland. We hope to have more to share about this soon.

Scotland and friends at the Power Beyond Borders camp. Photo: CAS.


Scotland goes to Power Beyond Borders


Spaces in our block booking are now sold out – but you can still come, read below

The Power Beyond Borders camp in England is coming up and Scotland is going to be there in force!

At the Camp, which will take place in a secret location in Southern England over the last weekend of July, people from across the UK will be taking direction action to fight for climate and migrant justice. Continue reading “Scotland goes to Power Beyond Borders”

We just declared a ‘crime scene’ at the BP AGM

Today in Aberdeen, BP’s Global AGM was disrupted by campaigners calling for stronger action on climate breakdown.

Activists from protest groups Climate Action Scotland and Extinction Rebellion Scotland halted the AGM, the oil giant’s annual gathering of shareholders, by creating a ‘crime scene’ during the meeting and setting off ‘climate alarms’ from within the crowd.

Six activists set off loud personal security alarms around the room, and then surrounded BP group chief executive Bob Dudley, who last year earned $1,854,000 [1] , shouting “This is a crime scene, 250,000 people die a year due to the climate crises…”. [full script below]  some attempted to glue themselves to the floor of the conference centre. After being forcibly removed from the protest by private security, the campaigners joined protestors gathered outside the AGM. Continue reading “We just declared a ‘crime scene’ at the BP AGM”

Wow! Crash! Keblam! It’s Scotland’s biggest climate criminals

BP, one of the world’s largest oil companies, has major offices in Aberdeen. Just sayin.

Groups responding to Extinction Rebellion, divestment, and fossil fuel sponsorship have started getting organised in Scotland.

By building our power, we have the potential to start dismantling Scotland’s fossil economy. But where do we start?

Here are a few thoughts from your friends at Climate Action Scotland.

Things to dive into

1. Raising the alarm on the climate is a day of action taking place on 8th December, timed with the UN Climate Conference, 3-14 Dec in Poland. Folk are invited to organise their own events. A rally has been called in Edinburgh at 1 pm on 8th December. Continue reading “Wow! Crash! Keblam! It’s Scotland’s biggest climate criminals”